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Books, fees, living expenses – costs can be a factor when considering study. But it shouldn't stop you from pursuing your goals.

Luckily, we offer a range of scholarships to commencing and continuing students recognising everything from rewarding academic achievement to supporting equality. And with nearly 400 scholarships on offer, and the opportunity to apply for as many as you like, it pays to check your eligibility.

Support while you study

Fitting study in with life, work, friends – it can have its challenges. We know you can do it, but we also believe you shouldn’t have to do it alone. That’s why we offer a range of support services to help you succeed during your studies. Learn more.

Academic skills support

Get resources and assistance with writing, time management, exam preparation, and oral presentations.


This free service is available to help you with any personal, study or work-related issues.

Campus ministry

Offers pastoral support and spiritual mentoring.

Career counselling

Explore your career options and get help with job applications and interview skills.

Facilities and resources

Our campuses offer you the latest technology, extensive library resources, and dedicated computer labs.

Disability services

Available to help students overcome barriers that could hinder their university education. We're committed to ensuring your experience is free from discrimination and harassment.

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Get help with your fees

As a university student, you'll need to consider a range of expenses. But you'll find plenty of support, and you won't have to pay everything upfront. Check out the range of loan schemes which allow you to defer some or all of your tuition fees:

Interested? Find out more about postgraduate and undergraduate fee support.

Pathways, entry programs and adjustment factors (bonus points)

We offer a range of pathways, alternative entry programs and adjustment factors to help you get into your dream course.

Admission pathways

When you don’t meet the entry requirements, successful completion of an admission pathway can provide eligibility into your dream course. They include associate degrees, diplomas, certificates or vocational pathway courses, and can be completed through ACU or TAFE/Registered Training Organisations.
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Entry programs

Our Community Achiever Program (CAP), Passion for Business (P4B), and Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP) recognise achievements beyond your academic performance and can help you gain entry to your dream course.
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Adjustment factors (bonus points)

Adjustment factors (previously known as bonus points) are designed to help you get into uni and reach your full potential. If you’re eligible, adjustment factors are applied to your ATAR/OP to give you a revised entry rank, which can improve your chances of getting into your course. They can be based on subjects you studied, the school you went to, or if you live in a regional area, so they are definitely worth checking out.
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Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Bradley Moggridge, science graduate

We're committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students throughout their educational journey. In addition to the help provided by our Office of Student Success, the Indigenous Higher Education Units offer academic, personal and cultural support in a welcoming and culturally safe space. Learn more.

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